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The National Spring Company Factory

All About Us

Our Background

Established in 1928, this family owned business, now into its 4th generation, has proved that excellent customer service is the key to long term success.

We manufacture to your requirements, and we can help you to design components to give the maximum quality, precision and efficiency.

We are totally independent and this means we can obtain the best materials for your requirements. We offer design facilities and over the years have been involved in the original design or the development of most of products we make.

One of the most successful products we make and are now the leading supplier in the UK for are interlocking clips and springs, used for tube adjustment widely used in the scaffolding and construction industry. We now supply some of the largest scaffolding and construction firms in the UK on a regular basis.

We manufacture all of our products within the UK and source all of our raw materials from UK suppliers. We firmly believe in high quality standards ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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The National Spring Company
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