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Pressings & Spring Clips

0.3mm to 5mm Thick Material

Manufactured to your drawing

Most Ferrous & Non Ferrous metals

In house toolroom

Pressings & Clips: Features

Metal Pressings & Spring Clips

We manufacture custom metal pressings and spring clips in a wide variety of materials for numerous different industries.

All enquiries are assessed by our technical staff and any required design assistance is given. Prototypes and tools are manufactured by our highly skilled in house toolroom and tooling is maintained by our own staff.

We are able to manufacture components which many other UK press-working companies are unable to offer, as we have complete flexibility in working with difficult materials, varied batch quantities and a wide ranging knowledge and ability to provide specified heat treatment and finishes when these are necessary.

We have proven ourselves to be cost effective in many cases on items currently imported into the UK, and our turnaround time and flexibility offer our customers with exactly the quality of component they require at a competitive price without long lead times. As our tooling is not subcontracted and manufactured in-house the costs are minimised.

We also have many years of experience in working with temper rolled stainless steel and are capable of manufacturing many types of spring clips and metal pressings from many grades of stainless steel.

Pressings & Clips: Text
The National Spring Company
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